Erratic Landscape

  • Grindelwald, Bern, Switzerland
  • The remodelling of the roof of a sports center and its new access as public infrastructure.
  • In order to transform it into a Landscape, two layers are being added: a geological layer as a base for organic growth and an architectural layer to make it accessible. The roof becomes a public infrastructure connecting the whole place. Following the nature of this new landscape, the structure beneath can be read by the plants that grow on it.
  • Glacier sand and gravel is pilled up on the roof. The water-retaining layer enables the growth of moss, leaches and pioneer plants. The architectural interventions take their material from the wood curtain facades of Grindelwald's infrastructure. Lookout towers, suspension bridges, cliff-walks or viewing platforms serve as points of attraction.

People: Exercise, See, Walk, Watch, Play

typology: Infrastructure, Landscape, Nature

Climate: Water

Location: Village, Mountain, Valley

Material: Earth, Wood

Contributor: Christian Seiterle
07 July 2021