Von der Ecke zum Ganzen

  • Grindelwald, Bern, Switzerland
  • A new building with the goal of offering a basic service at the bus terminal in form of a tourist information office and a café.
  • The building tries to perform as an entrance or exit from the square. The two functions of the information office and the cafe are separated by a generous passage, which can be used as a sheltered waiting space or as a small outdoor seating area in times of bad weather or in winter.
  • With the triangular floor plan, there’s one open facade facing the square and two rather closed facades towards the Dorfstrasse and the Endweg. The building is constructed in wood. Small enclosed volumes within the building serve as service cores and stiffening elements.

People: Gather, Sit, Stand, Talk, Walk, Others

typology: Infrastructure, Station

Climate: Others, Wind

Location: Mountain, Valley, Village

Material: Wood

Contributor: Matteo Zwyssig
07 July 2021