• Cantinetta Antinori, Zurich. CH
  • This is the Bay-Window at the Cantinetta Antinori in Z├╝rich.
  • This is a wooden niche that creates a private space in the dinning room area of the restaurant. This relationship makes the window seem like a piece of furniture. The bay window sticks out of the facade as a protagonist.
  • The use of the material and the fact that the niche works as an extension of the space creates the illusion that the window is a space in itself. This operations increase the privacy and makes every element of the window come together into one single element.

People: Eat, Gather, Talk

typology: Restaurant

Climate: Heat

Location: Urban

Material: Glass, Wood

Era: 1500s

Contributor: Rodrigo Mendoza Diaz
01 November 2017