Viewing-Box Window , 1953

  • Universitätsspital Zürich, CH.
  • This is the window from the waiting-room at the Universitätsspital Zürich.
  • This window serves as an extension of the waiting room into the central garden. The 6 m. wide and 3 m. high windows bring the garden closer to the waiting room by creating a small niche, witch function seems to be to attract the viewer in and to take his attention into the outside garden. The niche is a sort of viewing box into the garden.
  • The shape of the window creates a niche that attracts the viewer in. The glass on the smaller divisions of the window are not totally transparent, creating a focal point on the central glass. The vision of the user its therefore directed into the garden.

People: Watch

typology: Hospital

Material: Metal, Glass

Era: 1950s

Contributor: Rodrigo Mendoza Diaz
01 November 2017