Pfauenaugen (Inside Out Theatre)

  • Heimplatz, Zurich, Switzerland (Diploma Thema B 2019AS)
  • A renewed city theatre with minimal intervention to the historical building, reintroducing the outside courtyard to multiply the usage
  • More efficient circulation and rearrangement of functions vitalizing the relationship between different programs
  • Refurbished windows behaving as intertwining media not only of inside and outside, but also of daily lives and performances, as well as of the past, present, and future

People: Dance, Gather, Sing, Sit, Watch, Play, Work

typology: Apartment, Cafe, Office, Shop, Theater

Climate: Heat, Light

Location: Urban

Material: Concrete, Glass, Wood

Era: 2000s

Contributor: Meike Stender
23 January 2020