Reconnecting Modernism – Mr. W’s Boat Building Learning Center

  • Obstalden, Glarus, Switzerland (Diploma Thema C 2018SS)
  • A boat building leaning center where kids and adults can learn, make, and enjoy timber boats with various programs, refurbished from the Restaurant Walensee building.
  • Inserting timber volume into the existing RC structure, the building is well zoned into different types of rooms (with/out insulation), such as workshop space, office, staying spaces, etc.
  • Refurbishing Modernism, not only in the literal and formal aspects, but also in the aspects of lifestyle / materials with the re-imagined actor network of local resources.

Location: Forest, Valley, Waterfront

Material: Wood, Steel, Concrete

Era: 1960s, 2000s

Contributor: Andrea Briccola
23 August 2018