Row(city)Window , 1800

  • Niederdorf, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Riverside underpass with a row of openings going underneath a complex of historic buildings.
  • Relatively low ceiling heights (from 215-190cm) and a very narrow road. Because of its pecularities it does not invite people to stay, and most people only hurry along this path. The underpass acts as a mediator between public functions and private life, offering glimpses of the city as wells as of more private activities.
  • By providing a filter between private/public, and enabling different views from different positions of the city, this underpass acts as a window.

People: Read, Rest, Sit, Talk, Walk, Watch

typology: House, Infrastructure

Climate: Light, Water, Wind, Heat

Location: Town

Material: Concrete, Wood, Others

Era: 1800s

Contributor: Luca Can
31 October 2017