Public Drawing – Waldlabor Hub

  • Waldlabor
  • The Waldlabor hub located in the Hönggerwald, Is well accessible laying a minute apart of a bus station and parking. Over 250 European trees and bushes are cultivated in the forest laboratory.
  • For students, it can be an outdoor green classroom; for children and families, an experiential space; and for researchers, an open space for experimentation. . Also, the animals are thought of, the old middle growth oaks are protected and usually not harvested, because they serve as habitat for birds and insects.
  • Moreover, dead wood is left lying around as animals, like the hedgehog, settles in. All in all, a place for education, experience, and research, but also a resting place, accessible to everyone.

People: Dance, Eat, Exercise, Gather, Listen, Read, Rest, See, Sit, Sleep, Stand, Study, Talk, Walk, Watch, Play

typology: School

Climate: Others

Location: Forest

Material: Earth, Steel, Stone

Contributors: Annasophie Vogt , Faragalla John, Uehli Maria
29 August 2023