Public Drawing – HWW Grassland

  • ETH Campus Honggerberg, Zürich
  • In the southwestern part of campus Hönggerbers, right next to the Seed City where one leaves the yard of the student village, one can find a patch of grass next to some trees. The Grassland is a small piece of wild nature creating a peaceful atmosphere accompanied by birds chirping in constant chorus and flying around.
  • Swooping little insects off the soft ground that is covered by grass, flowers and little piles of dirt, which indicates that the soil beneath the grassy surface is full of hardworking little animals, creating various types of tunnel networks. Each actor from mushrooms to mice has their own task.
  • From the outside it seems uncontrolled, however it follows a strict pattern of homogenic systems, that form a network of actors, connected to each other creating a functional ecosystem. One cannot say it is only a patch of grass when it is so much more. It is 1 transitory space, initiating the crossover from the student life to the forest.

People: Dance, Eat, Exercise, Gather, Listen, Read, Rest, See, Sit, Sleep, Stand, Study, Talk, Walk, Watch, Play

typology: School

Climate: Others

Location: Campus

Material: Earth, Steel, Stone

Contributors: Yaramila Frey , Glattfelder Alexander, Iten De Leon Anneke
29 August 2023