Public Drawing – Student Village

  • ETH Campus Honggerberg, Zürich
  • The Student Village is usually characterised by a particularly quiet atmosphere, disrupted only by the children's noises. It is enhanced in the mornings and evenings by the flow of people, which dissipates in the passages and open corridors. The buildings themselves succeed in creating interesting situations of conviviality and exchange.
  • Compared to the courtyard, which is on a lower level, has the opposite atmosphere and deviates from the ideal meeting place it should be. It remains mainly untouched by the people's flow and it is only needed for access. One tendency is to stay at the sides of the courtyard. In terms of circulation and activities.
  • Despite the numerous flows of movement, the courtyard remains an unattractive place to stay. In addition to the all-embracing feeling of discomfort, one feels exposed; due to the underground car park, it is also not possible to plant more imposing trees that would provide some of the needed privacy.

Location: Campus

Material: Earth, Steel, Stone

Contributors: Janis Sua , Saira Mudakarayil, Janis Suà
29 August 2023