Furniture – The Stage

  • ETH Hönggerberg, Paul-Feyerabend-Hof
  • This hub of creative expression invites users to showcase their talents to the entire student village, using personal instruments or on-site xylophones, which also match the stripped façade.
  • Beyond its primary function for performance, it offers a relaxation sphere for sitting or lounging.
  • Its open design ensures spectators in courtyards and balconies enjoy an unhindered view, turning the space into a vibrant platform of communal interaction and expression.

People: Dance, Exercise, Gather, Sing, Sit, Stand

typology: Furniture

Climate: Wind, Light

Location: Suburb, Village

Material: Metal, Wood, Plastic

Contributors: Jingling Ding , Dolder Jonas, Liu Zhishuang, Marcotullio Catia, Mudakarayil Saira, Suà Janis
26 July 2023