Furniture – The Root

  • Waldlabor at the gorge of the Holderbach
  • It consists of several hexagonal bodies arranged in a row, which together form an oversized real root.
  • Since a root can be interpreted as a place to dwell and also as a playground, The Root serves as a place to play and rest, especially for children who spend time in the forest.
  • They can climb over it, sit or stand on it, crawl under it, or hide in the hexagonal bodies.

People: Exercise, Gather, Sing, Sit, Play

typology: Furniture

Climate: Light

Location: Forest

Material: Metal, Wood

Contributors: Tabea Brochier , Heltriegel Roxani, Hugi Zoe, Keskin Kevin, Müller Kenny, Takayama Jasmin
26 July 2023