Furniture – The Flying Bench

  • ETH Hönggerberg, HPI PLaza
  • The bench is located on a hidden location that serves as a starting point for excursions organized by the „Waldlabor» association, offering a peaceful gathering spot where one can learn about the local bird species.
  • Suspended birds silhouettes showcase their colors, appearance, and migration, while movable backrests provide general information. If needed, participants can also use them as stools during their forest exploration.
  • It establishes a connection between the Hönggerberg forest and the Campus, fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural surroundings and promoting environmental awareness.

People: Listen, Read, Sit, Study

typology: Furniture

Location: Campus

Material: Wood, Steel

Contributors: Dilara Baysal , Etique Aude, Evéquoz Fanny, Melchiorri Arianna, Romero Aurel, Steger Sveva
26 July 2023