Informal Learning Spaces_Design Studio: Final reviews

For the final presentations of the studio, students’ projects were spread over 3 different spaces in the ONA Building at Neunbrunnenstrasse 50, displaying students investigations and interventions in three different learning environments of ETH: the ONA Building of the Architecture department, the InfoCenter in the main building, and the G42 Classroom in the CHN Building.

For the Final Exhibition at ONA, 3 Spaces of the building stand representative for those three learning environments of ETH: ° The Studio Space for ONA, ° Sector D for the INFOCenter, and the ° Kitchen for the CHN Classroom.

Additionally, impressions of daily studio situations, the process, tools, and materials used were exhibited.

The day was structured in two parts, a morning session with presentations and feedback, and a public exhibition in the afternoon. Next to our guests, the teaching team, including Momoyo Kaijima, Professor at the chair of Architectural Behaviorology, Freek Persyn, Professor of the Newrope chair of Architecture and Urban Transformation, Prof. Christoph Hölscher and Beatrix Emo from the Chair of Cognitive Science, were present for the presentations.

The review is not a final step, rather an invitation to start thinking beyond the timeframe of this semester.


Dec. 23, 2021