Fliegestuhl 2.0 in Wipkingen

Former Students of the Public Space Behaviorology Semester 22 and the Verein Cala have build a second version of the “Fliegestuhl” in Wipkingen. The installation is part of a quartier improvement project, initiated by the Verein Cala and was designed by Albert Hatt, Yannis Heimgartner, Lukas Kauz, Anina Wechsler and Andri Heini.¬†You can go and test the installation on the small square at the corner of Rosengarten-, Wibich- und R√∂telstrasse in Wipkingen.

You can see all projects created during the spring semester 22 here.

Photo credit: Verein Cala, Thomas Neumeyer

May. 16, 2023