Future Learning Spaces: Call for Entries Interdisciplinary Workshop

ETHZ D-ARCH students, together with students from other departments, will tackle the spatial practice of learning space in September, in collaboration with the Chair of Cognitive Science, gta and gta exhibitions.
D-ARCH students will earn 4 ECTS for “Vertiefungsarbeit”,  students from other departments will earn 3 GESS credits. Please apply until August 31st, 2019, by sending an email atkaijima-all@arch.ethz.ch with a motivation letter (1 page max.), portfolio (5 pages max.) and cv.
We look forward to your application.


Week 1
Sept. 9, 
09:00-12:00,  Introduction + Inputs Chair of architectural Behaviourology
                      & Chair of Cognitive Science, Formation of Groups
13:00-14:00,  Visit of the exhibition space and of the gta Exhibition’ storage
14:00-18:00, Free group work
Sept. 10, 
09:00-11:00    Presentations of the ideas and discussion
11:00-18:00,   Free group work
Sept. 11, 
09:00-11:00    Presentations of the installations and discussion with guests
11:00-18:00,   Free group work
Sept. 12, 
09:00-09:30    Meeting
09:30-18:00,   Free group work
Sept. 13, 
09:00-09:30     Free group work
15:00-16:00,   Opening of the installations

Week 2,
Sept. 16 – 20, 
Free observation and documenting (observation of the users, on-goingartistic production at the groups’ installations
Sept. 19,
17:45-18:30.  Pin-up and discussion with guests

Week 3, 
Sept. 23 – 26, 
Free observation and documenting, 
Sept. 26,
17:45-19:00 Presentation of the results,  Final Discussion & Apero with guests.
Sept. 27,
13:00  Clean up

 D-ARCH students, to get  4 ECTS  for  Vertiefungsarbeit” at the Chair of Architectural Behaviorology, there is a research report of min. 10 pages (in form of text, drawings, images or any adequate support) to be submitted by the 15th of October.

Jul. 04, 2019